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History of the town of Antrim, New Hampshire By W.R. Cochrane

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Waumbek Inn

The current Waumbek Inn (112 Gregg Lake Road) is not the original building.  Frank Brooks first erected the Waumbek as a bowling alley in the mid-1880’s and then sold it to Stillman Baker of Hillsboro.  Baker renamed it the “Stillbelle Cottage.”  In 1922 Baker sold the property with adjoining fields and other parcels of land to John Cuddihy.

Cuddihy improved the structure and added on outlying guest cabins so that it became a “very acceptable summer guesthouse.”  Antrim Reporter headlined the conflagration: “The Waumbek a Total Loss in an Early Last Sunday Morning Fire.”  The Reporter continued: “Everybody is grieved at the loss the Cuddihy family sustained on Sunday morning… when flames of unknown origin destroyed completely the popular Summer resort.”   

On March 3, 1928 Cuddihy advertised his lodge as follows: “The Waumbek Inn – accommodates 30 guests – 3 miles from the Depot – on shore of Gregg Lake – John Cuddihy Proprietor – Terms - $18 to $20 per week or $16 per week for season.”

Cuddihy and his children ran the Inn, now known once again as the Waumbek, until 1936 when fire destroyed all of the Waumbek’s structures.  After the most recent incarnation of the Waumbek was built, it served as a rooming house for Nathaniel Hawthorne College. From the 1980’s through the early 21st century Dick Conti owned the Waumbek.  Conti sold the property to Mr. and Mrs. John Spang who in 2009 sold it to Marcia and Stephen Ullman.  

Until 1976 Wesley and Marita Burton owned the Waumbek.  Dick Conti, a teacher at the New York State School for the Blind, bought 112 Gregg Lake Road in 1976 and lived there until 2003 when he left for warmer climates.  John and Kathy Spang, of Burlington Massachusetts then purchased and refurbished the Waumbek where they lived part time until 2009.  The current owners, Steve and Marcia Ullman bought the Waumbek in 2009 and live there full-time.