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History of the town of Antrim, New Hampshire By W.R. Cochrane

N.H. Historical Society

Town of Antrim

Festival of Trees

Antrim Historical Society    P.O. Box 172   Antrim, New Hampshire   03440

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James A. Tuttle Library

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Tomorrow’s History  -  While we have been busy preserving the history of Antrim through materials that have been collected over the years, we have not been as diligent about keeping the more recent activities for the future.  So we need your help. If you have any items “hanging around the house” that you don’t really want to throw out, but don’t really know what you are going to do with them, items that will someday be a part of Antrim’s history, please consider donating them to the Antrim Historical Society. This could be a compilation of Antrim’s infamous wind project, the more recent “saving GBS”, political records, uniforms or any other items of recent military personnel, history of Home & Harvest, updated history of organizations, churches, business endeavors, family histories, geographical histories, anything related to our schools. And the list goes on.  

If you are not ready to donate your items, but would be willing to loan them or donate them after your death, we have forms available here or call one of the board members and we will be sure you receive whichever form you need.


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