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History of the town of Antrim, New Hampshire By W.R. Cochrane

N.H. Historical Society

Town of Antrim

Festival of Trees

Antrim Historical Society    P.O. Box 172   Antrim, New Hampshire   03440

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James A. Tuttle Library

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Antrim Reporter Archives     1891-1895 and 1935 -1951

The Limrik            

A Quarterly Journal

Videos of the Antrim Historical Society's Oral History Project

Oral History Project


For more than ten years, Society member Lyman Gilmore has been conducting the Antrim

Oral History Project in which he interviews members of the community about growing up

and living in Antrim from the 1920s to the present. The interviews are tape recorded,

transcribed, and published in the Limrik. These oral histories, which provide varied,

unique, and very personal accounts of our town, will be available in written and in some

cases audio form by the Historical Society in the new Tuttle Library. We are working to

preserve the original audio interviews digitally and on CD so that the actual voices of

Antrim people, some of whom have died, can be heard.

Click here for Videos of the Antrim Historical Society's Oral History Project