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History of the town of Antrim, New Hampshire By W.R. Cochrane

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Town of Antrim

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House Project


The Thomas Dunlap House, 1785

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, after David Hurlin sold Goodell Company, he felt time hanging heavy on his hands. He decided to start a project of documenting the older houses in Antrim. This involved a great deal of research as he attempted to list houses from their beginning to present, with as many owners down through the years as he could find. He also researched dates and included any old pictures he could find. In 1993, he presented his work to the Historical society and it has been a valuable resource since then for folks looking into the history of their houses.

The Historical Society decided we should add to David’s record, so copies have been made and new notebooks are being put together with house numbers, up to date information and current pictures. The first notebook includes Main Street from Bennington Town Line to Smith and Goodell Roads, Grove Street, Elm Street and Elm Street Extension.

Nina Harding has worked (pretty much by herself) on updating David’s work. She has decided to pass the project on to someone else, and Diane Chauncey has said she would attempt to continue Nina’s thoughtful careful research.  Done by one person, the project will be difficult to update – that’s where you come in. Watch for information in the next newsletter on a “new” committee to review the project and plan for its future.